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Military Robot Fueled By Google Technology Has Learned Karate

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FIRST Robotics in Memphis needs Volunteers

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FIRST is a K12 robotics program founded by Dean Kamen (of Segway fame) that is designed to get kids interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM for short). In Memphis, there are a number of First Lego League Teams (30+), 14 First Robotics Competition teams and a few First Tech Challenge teams. All need mentors to help design, build and program robots. There is also an FLL Championship at the University of Memphis and a number of FRC Events to help the students with their robots. To find out more (including how to help out) please visit:

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UNC-Chapel Hill student gives child 3D printed prosthetic hand – CNN iReport

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UT robotics contest draws 1,000 aspiring engineers |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times

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Robot Kit Rundown

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From IEEE Spectrum

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New Voice Recognition Modual for Arduino

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Robots transform into furniture at EPFL

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Academics Decry FAA Limits On Drones

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Academics Decry FAA Limits On Drones.
From: The Boston Globe
(8/17, Meyers) reports

A regulatory battle in Washington has compelled professors to ground their research drones, the tiny aircraft academics consider vital for archaeological surveys, river mapping, and countless other discoveries.” The Globe explains that the FAA “recently clarified that only hobbyists can fly unmanned aircraft without a special permit,” however, “now scholars warn the FAA’s action jeopardizes their work and undermines basic education.” The Globe says that Paul Voss, an associate professor of engineering at Smith College, has coordinated a protest letter signed by nearly 30 researchers. “If you go to Walmart and buy a 15-inch remote-controlled helicopter and use it for fun, it’s a toy,” Voss said. “If you use it for education or research from 4 feet off the grass, it’s an unmanned aircraft system.

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A Thousand-Robot Swarm

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from IEEE Spectrum [click for full article]


When Harvard researchers first introduced their Kilobot project in 2011, they had built only 25 of the little robots. Two years later, they announced that they had made 100 robots. Now the researchers say they have built one thousand Kilobots—possibly the most robots that have ever been operating in the same place at the same time. The Harvard team is now teaching the robots to behave like a swarm, organizing and controlling themselves based on a set of simple rules, much like in biological systems. Learn how each Kilobot works and watch a video of the swarm forming different shapes.

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HyQ Quadruped Robot Is Back With Even More Tricks

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