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LIDAR for under $100

January 25th, 2014

from: Dragon Innovation

[Editor note: This project is currently on Dragon Innovation (website like kickstarter) and looks real cool. A Lidar like distance sensor for $70! WOW!]

Optical Distance Measurement Sensors

Our sensor technology is ideally suited for any project requiring very compact, low power, high performance distance measurement sensors, such as drones, robots, or unmanned vehicles.

PulsedLight’s novel signal processing technology enables us to offer a low-cost optical distance measurement solution with performance comparable to systems costing hundreds of dollars.

“PulsedLight takes distance range finding from the expensive, closed solution that it is today to small, cheap and open. This is tremendously appealing to us at 3D Robotics, as is the potential this has for getting us to truly autonomous UAVs without relying solely on GPS.” – Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics

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