Apollo Memory Links

I was able to attend the “Apollo Memories” Lecture and showing of “Apollo 11” (long/extended version) with Memphis’s own Bill Weppner, NASA flight controller for Apollo missions 7 through 13.

At the end he had a slide of links to videos and I thought I would post them here:

Early days of the space age – Rocket Failures:

NASA TV footage of the launch of Apollo 8 the first manned launch of the Saturn V rocket:

Saturn V Apollo 8 Launch (HD):

NASA | Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary:

This American Life – The Not So Great Unknown – So Over the Moon: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/655/the-not-so-great-unknown/act-one-4

I was also unaware that the version of “Apollo 11” showing at the Pink Palace was the short version……at this event, they showed the extended version (although on a smaller screen). I am glad I have now seen both versions!

I took some pictures at the event….you can see them HERE.

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