Play Ball! Robots Chalk Baseball Foul Lines for Fields

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Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics

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Russia’s Proton-M rocket undergoes rapid unscheduled disassembly

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A friend put this on his facebook page and I had to share it here….it happened years ago but today was the first day I ever saw this disaster of a launch!

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Closing the gender gap in the tech industry – 60 Minutes – CBS News

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Innovation boot camp empowers Marines

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Think the floppy disk is dead?

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Great story on how the disk is not dead… here

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Mini Flyers, Jumpen the Skipping Penguin Robot and FedEx SameDay Bot

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Apollo 11 – New Documentary

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Just saw a story on the new Apollo 11 documentary out today. They dug into the NASA archives for never before seen footage shot it large format film (so it looks like HD).

I’ve got to see this…I hope it comes to the Pink Palace in Memphis!

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Was told about an online resource for teachers that includes STEM Exploration. It can be found at I have not tried it myself, but thought I would pass it along.

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Gov. Bill Lee proposes $4M for STEM education, creation of K-8 computer science standards

February 25th, 2019 No comments

Jason Gonzales, Nashville Tennessean

Published 5:22 p.m. CT Feb. 13, 2019

Gov. Bill Lee is prioritizing STEM education in his legislative agenda, which proposes to boost opportunities for students statewide, including the creation of statewide K-8 computer science standards.

The Wednesday announcement is Lee’s second education initiative tied to his legislative priorities and would create the Future Workforce Initiative focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Lee is proposing $4 million to create the initiative. The proposal must be approved by the Tennessee General Assembly.

“Our agenda advocates for increased access to career and technical education for K-12 students and a key part of this includes prioritizing STEM training,” Lee said in the news release about the announcement. “The Future Workforce Initiative is a direct response to the emerging technology industry and making sure our students are first in line to be qualified for technology jobs.”

Lee’s proposal aims to place Tennessee in the top 25 states for job creation in the science, technology, engineering and math sector by 2022.

Lee’s proposal will focus on three areas. They are:

  • Launching 100 new middle school programs in STEM fields. Lee wants to triple the number of STEM-designated public schools by 2022.
  • Growing the number of teachers qualified to teach work-based learning and advanced computer science courses through training and the creation of K-8 computer science standards.
  • Expanding postsecondary STEM opportunities in high school through increased access to dual credit, AP courses and dual enrollment.

Lee said in the release that 58 percent of all STEM jobs created in the country are in computer science fields, but only 8 percent of graduates study computer science in college.

“By exposing Tennessee students to computer science in their K-12 careers we are ensuring our kids have every chance to land a high-quality job,” Lee said.

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