FIRST® Kahoot!

Happy Computer Science Education Week!

From software development, artificial intelligence, video game development, and more, computer science education impacts many aspects of our day-to-day lives.  

Join us in celebrating one of the fastest-growing fields of study with FIRST® Kahoot! and learn more about why computer science is essential education for today’s students on our Community blog

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Watch “How to advertise to men” on YouTube

How to advertise to men’: Funny video destroys advertising clichés targeting men

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LEGO® Education Announces SPIKE™ App 3 Launch

It’s official! The LEGO® Education Team is excited to announce the launch of SPIKE™ App 3 on December 1, 2022. This launch features: an entirely new app for the SPIKE™ portfolio  both a web and a native downloadable app  both a HubOS (firmware) and a software upgrade  faster wireless hub connection on any device  simplified motor and movement blocks  more precise model movement  greater capacity to support larger user programs 

In preparation for the launch, we hosted a SPIKE™ App 3 introductory webinar November 15. The recording can be accessed here, which also links to FAQs in our Community Blog.   We will also be hosting new webinars with live Q&A to support our SPIKE™ Solutions users:   December 8, 4:00 Eastern Standard Time December 8, 4:00 Pacific Standard Time 
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17-year-old discovers a new planet on 3rd day of his NASA internship: ‘Like Tatooine from Star Wars’

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Artist creates mesmerizing paintings using just light. Here are 20 brillaint pieces of his work

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STEM/STEAM Designated Schools in Tennessee

The link to the list of STEM Designated Schools in Tennessee:

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Pols who push electric cars ignore basic math and physics

Editor note: I do think of myself as an environmentalist, but the author of the article is right about battery storage being limited and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not the panacea that they are being made out to be.

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Baby Elephant Interrupts Kenyan Reporter And Immediately Becomes A Star | The Daily Caller

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Watch “NASA launches Artemis I rocket to the moon” on YouTube

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Watch “Lunar Eclipes Timelapse – on 35mm film!” on YouTube

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