Closing the gender gap in the tech industry – 60 Minutes – CBS News

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Innovation boot camp empowers Marines

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Think the floppy disk is dead?

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Great story on how the disk is not dead… here

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Mini Flyers, Jumpen the Skipping Penguin Robot and FedEx SameDay Bot

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Apollo 11 – New Documentary

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Just saw a story on the new Apollo 11 documentary out today. They dug into the NASA archives for never before seen footage shot it large format film (so it looks like HD).

I’ve got to see this…I hope it comes to the Pink Palace in Memphis!

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Was told about an online resource for teachers that includes STEM Exploration. It can be found at I have not tried it myself, but thought I would pass it along.

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Gov. Bill Lee proposes $4M for STEM education, creation of K-8 computer science standards

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Jason Gonzales, Nashville Tennessean

Published 5:22 p.m. CT Feb. 13, 2019

Gov. Bill Lee is prioritizing STEM education in his legislative agenda, which proposes to boost opportunities for students statewide, including the creation of statewide K-8 computer science standards.

The Wednesday announcement is Lee’s second education initiative tied to his legislative priorities and would create the Future Workforce Initiative focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Lee is proposing $4 million to create the initiative. The proposal must be approved by the Tennessee General Assembly.

“Our agenda advocates for increased access to career and technical education for K-12 students and a key part of this includes prioritizing STEM training,” Lee said in the news release about the announcement. “The Future Workforce Initiative is a direct response to the emerging technology industry and making sure our students are first in line to be qualified for technology jobs.”

Lee’s proposal aims to place Tennessee in the top 25 states for job creation in the science, technology, engineering and math sector by 2022.

Lee’s proposal will focus on three areas. They are:

  • Launching 100 new middle school programs in STEM fields. Lee wants to triple the number of STEM-designated public schools by 2022.
  • Growing the number of teachers qualified to teach work-based learning and advanced computer science courses through training and the creation of K-8 computer science standards.
  • Expanding postsecondary STEM opportunities in high school through increased access to dual credit, AP courses and dual enrollment.

Lee said in the release that 58 percent of all STEM jobs created in the country are in computer science fields, but only 8 percent of graduates study computer science in college.

“By exposing Tennessee students to computer science in their K-12 careers we are ensuring our kids have every chance to land a high-quality job,” Lee said.

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STEM Instruction: How Much There Is and Who Gets It

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from: Education Week

by Sasha Jones

Jan8, 2019

Despite a push for greater STEM instruction, students and teachers continue to experience inequitable access to STEM-related classes and resources, according to a new survey of 1,200 schools and 7,600 teachers.

This nationally representative study is the sixth in a series of surveys on K-12 STEM education and college and career readiness dating back to 1977, but the first to put an emphasis on computer science and engineering. The survey, conducted by Horizon Reasearch, Inc. and commissioned by the National Science Foundation, covered a variety of topics relevant to teachers, giving insights into instructional practices, course offerings, resources, and professional development participation in K-12 math, science, and computer science.

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Vocational Education (GIVE) Initiative

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From: Website
Date: Tuesday, February 05, 2019 | 10:22am

Gov. Bill Lee Announces the Governor’s Investment in Vocational Education (GIVE) Initiative builds public-private partnerships and doubles dual enrollment offerings

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Today, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced his first legislative initiative, the Governor’s Investment in Vocational Education (GIVE) to expand access to vocational and technical training for Tennessee students. 

“I believe that expanding our vocational and technical offerings will be transformational for Tennesseans and the future of our state,” said Lee. “We have the opportunity to help students discover quality career paths and gain skills that are needed right now in the workforce by emphasizing career and technical education.”

The GIVE initiative is a two-pronged approach that utilizes regional partnerships to develop work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities. Communities will now have the funding and flexibility to build programs that best reflect local needs and work directly with private industry to structure programming. 

GIVE also provides funding for high school juniors and seniors to utilize four, fully-funded dual enrollment credits for trade and technical programs. Previously, high school students only had access to two fully-funded dual enrollment credits. With access to four credits, students will now be better prepared for entry into the workforce within two years of graduation.

“With GIVE, there is now a framework in place to partner with the private sector in addressing gaps in our workforce,” said Lee. “This initiative also puts students in charge of their future by preparing them for a good job right out of high school.”

Two grant programs will fund the initiative: GIVE Community Grants and GIVE Student Grants. Using the framework of the state’s Labor Education Alignment Program (LEAP), the governor will recommend new funding in support of work-based learning through GIVE Community Grants. These competitive grants will go to regional partnerships between TCATs, industry, and K-12 to build new programs in work-based learning and apprenticeships, market-driven dual-credit opportunities, and the expansion of industry-informed CTE offerings at local high schools.

GIVE Student Grants will be funded via the Tennessee Lottery and support expanded access to dual enrollment.

“It is time to make sure education in Tennessee embraces multiple pathways to success,” said Lee. “We believe GIVE is a key step for the future of our kids and ensuring we can fill the jobs of tomorrow.” 

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Passing of the Opportunity Mars Rover

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This past week, NASA declared the end of the Mars Opportunity Rover mission. For a little robot rover that was supposed to last 90 days on the surface of Mars, this little robot blew away all expectations by lasting 15 YEARS! It showed Mars had running water on its surface at some point in its history and made many other scientific discoveries.

Opportunity…you will be missed.

Hopefully, someday, earthlings will be able to bring you home so you can be displayed in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (wouldn’t that be great!).

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