An Editorial

I usually do not get political or editorialize on this blog, but this is a special occasion.

First off, a disclaimer…..I am an Independent Voter, although I lean Democratic I choose my candidates based on who I believe is the better candidate, Democrat or Republican.

I find it ironic, that Republicans are not claiming that elections for lower ticket candidates (house, senate, governor, state houses, etc.) are rigged or fraught with fraud, but yet they keep on claiming that for the Presidency.

Face it, your guy lost by millions of votes, and to keep saying there are major issues with the Presidential election only undermines our democracy!

As an independent voter, I will NOT forget what you, as a party, are trying to do to our democracy, and this will only force me more towards the Democratic ticket for years to come.

Along with trying to overturn an election, which, time and time again the courts have ruled there is insufficient evidence provided to show wide spread voter fraud, the Senate, and mostly Mitch Mcconnell, have refused to bring up legislation for votes that have every right to be voted upon, some I am for, some I am against, but the Senate Majority Leader should NOT have the right to Veto a bill…and by refusing to bring it to the floor for a vote, that is pretty much what he is doing.

I have lost all respect for the Republican party since they keep enabling Donald Trump and protecting him. I do think his is the most corrupt presidency EVER and he acts more like a mob boss than a president. I also think he wants to bring the US back to the all white, all male society of days gone by and I will not even go into what he does for friends and how he attacks his perceived enemies (some of whom were his friends just yesterday).

Republicans say they stand for American Values and for the Constitution, but yet time and time again they turn their backs on both by supporting a corrupt, egotistical president just because they are afraid he will back a republican in their next primary and loose their cushy jobs.

Republicans need to get a back bone and stand up and say “The majority of the American people have spoken and the President Elect is Joe Biden” and stop this foolishness.

Also, this year proves that the Electoral College needs to go away! If there are so many chances for governors to disregard the peoples’ votes, delegates to change their votes, and votes to be dismissed because they are not believed to be valid….the system needs to change!

Lastly, when it comes to elections, court challenges need to have a “Double Jeopardy” clause that states “If an election challenge, based upon fraudulent votes, is brought to a court and insufficient evidence of said fraud is provided, the case is, not only thrown out, but then CANNOT be refiled in another court”.

Republicans….drop the theatrics and do the right thing, ignore the president’s rants, and confirm the electoral college count and declare Joe Biden the winner and move on!

I think we need to get back to the idea of “government of the people, by the people, for the people” NOT “by the party, for the party and of the party” (and that goes for BOTH Parties)!

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