Tennessee Students Create Robotic Hand For New Classmate

The CBS Evening News  (1/25) reports on a Sergio Peralta, a 15-year-old student who “started the new school year at Hendersonville High School with a secret – a hand that didn’t fully form.” He told CBS News, “In the first days of school, I honestly felt like hiding my hand. Like nobody would ever find out.” However, a teacher in the school’s engineering program found out, and told Peralta that his classmates might be able to help out. Peralta said, “They ended up offering me, like, ‘We could build your prosthetic hand’, and I never expected it.” The group, with access to online models and a 3D printer, “hit a home run. Using the prosthetic, Peralta was able to catch a baseball with his right hand for the first time.”

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